Equals Circlet
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Equals Circlet. A great workspace or touchdown spot to come back to. Any day or everyday.

Using the same core features from the Equals platform, Circlet has a unique layout that works as a touchdown space or a work lab, providing safe space division. Circlet creates an environment that allows for balanced traffic flow while maintaining privacy for each user.

Find your sanctuary. Pull up a chair + tackle that task.

Works well with others. From library to student center + office environments, Circlet allows for undisruptive collaboration between 1 set of users while still providing privacy to others.

Power any way you need it.

Your space your choice. Above or below, Circlet delivers power options. Above power options come with a steel shelf + below power clears surfaces of cord clutter.

Laminate Finish Options (TFL)


Metal Finish Options


Panel PET Felt Options



Circlet Lookbook

Product Image Gallery