20 years of experience


Simii Design is innovative, world class design made in the USA.  We’ve optimized our supply chain knowledge and harnessed our relationships to create GREAT products for the price of GOOD.  We build products that perform with the customer in mind: intuitive A+D Level design that is also durable, affordable and easy to assemble. The strong relationships we formed with our supply chain partners allows us to effectively navigate business challenges and keep commitments to our customer base.  Business is all about relationships and we take ours seriously.

Top Designers

Unique Design

We partner with top designers to create patented, world-class products. We challenge ourselves in the development process and patent our ideas because we respect intellectual property and value creating unique products. We give our customers great products for the price of good.

People are our priority


People are our priority. Whether employees, suppliers, designers or customers, we believe each and every individual is gifted and contributes to the unique story of Simii Design. As a small business, we focus on internal employee growth through a family like workplace, understanding of real life needs and opportunities to learn.

Ability to be quick and agile,

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We don’t strive to be big, we strive to be exceptional. Simii Design has the ability to be quick and agile, with effective connections and no cumbersome bureaucracy. You are doing business with real people who have a spirit of helpfulness and care. Real people who know supply chain, design and furniture. Real people who know how to get you great product for the price of good. The owners of Simii Design cultivate an entrepreneurial atmosphere for themselves and anyone working with them.